Office Moving

Office and Commercial Moving

Canada Moving has a qualified office moving and installation division led by some of the best commercial movers in the Canadian Moving Industry. Our approach:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Your Facility
  • Propose and Review Customized Moving Options with the Client
  • A Moving Checklist
  • Delivering the Best Course of Action that Fits Your Office Move Plan, Dates and Budget.

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Office Moving – We Move Small, Medium and Large Companies

We offer Full Service for your Commercial and Office Moving:

Office Moving – How We Deliver

Canada-moving-office-stepsCanada Moving has experienced and trained office moving specialists. They’ll help make your move quick and proficient for a seamless transition regardless of whether it is a small or large space. We will ensure this by identifying and outlining different stages of the process to make your move less complex with minimal disruption.

1. Planning Stage

During the planning stage, an experienced Commercial Moving consultant will schedule time to review with the client what moving options are available, the number of movers, installers and moving bins required, as well as the amount of equipment needed. During this time, all questions and concerns will be addressed and the move will be planned and implemented.

The number of move bins your office requires will be delivered prior to your move for your staff to pack. In addition, our experts can provide information on our moving supplies, tips, and moving services such as warehousing, on site storage containers and disposal services.

2. Preparation / System Reconfiguration Stage

During the removal stage of the move, our experienced IT movers can disconnect all computers, phones, printers, and fax machines. Systems furniture, and case goods, such as desks, cabinets, and bookcases will be dismantled and reconfigured by our professional installers.

Canada Moving’s installation teams are trained in the several furniture systems brands available in today’s market.

3. Moving Stage

During the move stage of your office, our movers will transport all of your belongings to the new location. Our moving trucks are supplied with the right equipment for the safe handling of your items such as pads, straps, dollies, screen carts, terminal carts, and open bins.

Once we have arrived to the new location, the move supervisor will work with your staff to ensure all items are delivered to the exact location required.

4. Reassembly Stage

The Canada Moving objective is to have your office operational as soon as possible. During the reassembly stage, our installers will reconfigure all furniture and keyboard trays, and the IT movers can assist in the re-connection of computers, phones and printers. In addition to our moving services, we can work with you to include configuring a well-organized floor plan prior to moving.

Helpful Resources and Checklists For Office and Commercial Moving

Our Moving Company has useful checklists, guides, resources and tips to help you stay organized and prepared for a stress-free move.

Canada Moving is here to help you with your office and commercial move either it be local, long distance, cross-border (U.S.) or international! Call Us for a FREE Quote!