COVID-19 Services

Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 has put a great strain on our country’s ability to react to the growing and changing needs of our population, including the timely delivery of certain consumer goods.

Canada Moving has decided to post this message on our website, not in an attempt to capitalize on an emergency, but to save time in the search for these services for anyone who may need them expediently. We are trying to keep our people working as long as our governments allow, provided that we feel it continues to be safe.

Our rates for services during this time will not be artificially inflated.

Canada Moving is experienced in a number of services that may spike in volume during this time:

  • Endpoint delivery services, including consumer goods such as paper products and manufacturing materials, to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, stores and homes
    stock storage and delivery for non-perishables, including bulky items like paper products (toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, paper towel, etc).
  • Pandemic supply warehousing and on-demand delivery.
  • Moving, reconfiguration, disassembly and reassembly of modular furniture and building materials
  • Office furniture and dividers, modular curtain walls, etc.
  • Hospital moving, including beds and equipment.

Commercial Moving

Office Moves – if you have an office move planned, and have your staff working from home until further notice, this may be an ideal time to complete your project.

The available information as of March 16th, 2020 appears to support that the virus can live on surfaces for up to 3 days, with some reports suggesting as much as 9 days.

If your office staff will be out of the office for the indefinite future, completing your moving project now should insulate those staff from the risk of transmission as a result of the move given the amount of time after it’s complete they will be out of the office.

It will also insulate our staff from risk, as it is likely that your staff will have been out of the office for more than 3 days.

  • IT Moves (servers, data centres, terminal set ups, etc) – this pandemic may present an opportunity for IT departments to complete projects while demand for IT services is low due to staff being off-site or off of work. Canada Moving is an experienced IT move provider.
  • Library & Public Centre moves – If you have a move planned for a Library or Public Centre that is currently closed, this may be the ideal time to complete your move. Your staff and the public will be protected from the transmission as a result of the move because of the period of time that they will not be in the facility after the move is completed. Most studies at the time of this being written suggest that the virus can live on a surface for up to 3 days, and it appears that we will have weeks or months before the facilities are reopened.

Household Moving

Canada Moving remains committed to household moving during this time. Our household moving customers are typically committed to their moves, either by closing dates of their homes, the end of their leases or commitments made in relation to their corporate relocation.

Canada Moving will be honoring our commitments to our household moving customers as long as the government allows us to do so, and taking measures to minimize the risk to our customers through the delivery of our services. To learn more about our response, click here.

If you, your company, or your organization is struggling to find a service you need that we can deliver during this time, please contact us.