Full Container Load (FCL)

Full Container Load (FCL) – Sole use container

This method of shipping ensures that the container carries only your goods, and under normal circumstances can be loaded and sealed directly at your residence and offloaded at either the warehouse or your residence for final delivery. As a rule, because the entire container is utilized, this is the most economical method of shipment.  It also carries better protection against damage.  It also generally provides the fastest transit times, as there are no delays in waiting for other freight to fill the container  Containers are utilized for household goods and vehicle shipping.  In Canada, our ports of departure or entry are Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver.  To move the cargo to and from the port, we utilize rail transportation and container carrier trucking companies. Transit times are never guaranteed as we must work with our industry partners to get the shipment from residence to container carrier to rail to arrive at port to be loaded onto the vessel and same procedure when the container arrives in Canada.

Canada Moving International and Starline Overseas Moving employs crews that are internationally trained.  We will pack like the best, prepare for the worst, pack tight to ensure maximum capacity is utilized.  Our international partners are expected to perform the same.

Steamship Containers

  • Constructed of steel and resemble motor freight trailers.

  • 20-foot containers hold approximately 1,100 cubic feet while 40-foot units hold about 2,200 cubic feet.
  • Can hold more than a single lift-van and are used for large or bulky shipments. To effectively use a steamship container, a minimum of 700 cubic feet (approximately 4,000 pounds) is suggested.
  • May not be available for shipping to some foreign countries.
  • Provided by ocean carriers and may not be utilized for storage purposes.
  • Due to their construction, allow for best protection of a shipment compared to other containers.
  • Can result in lower transportation charges if the minimum requirement for weight and volume are met.